Connecting you to your
prospects with a blip

The key to grow is to get new customers. And in order to get new customers you need to establish contact and dialogue with potential customers, thus creating leads.

Filling the gap!

The online business has the advantage of a natural way of gathering email addresses and other contact info. This has always been more difficult in real life meetings with – at best - semi-manual and time consuming solutions.

BlipMe is filling this gap with an efficient and automated lead generator for collecting contact information on people in real life meetings. With the BlipMe app you can gather leads and create new customer relations at trade shows, conferences, shopping malls, in-store promotion, festivals, sports events and other places where you meet with potential customers.

Our team

Mattias Strauss

CEO and Co-founder

Erik Gullestad

CTO and Co-founder

Mats Storckenfeldt



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