Create leads!

The key to grow is to get new customers. And in order to get new customers you need to establish contact and dialogue with potential customers, thus creating leads.

Filling the gap!

The online business has the advantage of a natural way of gathering email addresses and other contact info. This has always been more difficult in real life meetings with – at best - semi-manual and time consuming solutions.

BlipMe is filling this gap with an efficient and automated lead generator for collecting contact information on people in real life meetings. With the BlipMe app you can gather leads and create new customer relations at trade shows, conferences, shopping malls, in-store promotion, festivals, sports events and other places where you meet with potential customers.

How to onboard leads


Visitors gets going instantly

Using BlipMe will not only save you time, your customers and prospects will too! Onboarding is flexible and simple. Mix and pick the methods that suit your clientel.

At The Participant enter their mobile phone number or email at and receive a QR-code for scanning.

Promote a special URL to redirect the Participant directly to your campaign.

SMS short code. The Participant text message "BLIPME" to 71611 and receive a QR-code for scanning.

Use campaign specific short codes to instantly connect the Participant to your campaign.

SMS from app. The Blipper enter the Participant's mobile phone number in the BlipMe app instead of scanning a QR-code.

The methods above are all interchangeable, and once the Participant has been onboarded he or she can use the same code over and over again.


How BlipMe works

Corporate administrator

Create campaigns, invite Blippers and control data.


Use the BlipMe app when meeting Participants.


Use thier QR-codes from to participate in campaigns when meeting Blippers.


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